Last Updated February 17, 2022:

A simple way to explain the data we collect from our clients:

  • By using the VLK Website, you (the user) agree to the VLK and YouTube Terms of Service.
  • The VLK API Client uses YouTube API Services.
  • Minimal Client Data is collected. Data collected is Name, Last name, a phone number, and users email address. Password is encrypted. No one sees passwords but the user only. This information is stored in the VLK servers and accessed solely by the user. No data is ever sold or seen by other than the VLK assigned security personnel. Client Data collected is only used for Client login purposes.
  • VLK only processes data for login purposes and does not share this data with any external parties or internal parties within VLK or any other entity.
  • VLK does not allow third parties to serve content like advertisements of any type. The only advertising on our site is from YouTube videos according to YouTube policies.
  • User data is collected from the user’s device only at registration process and only for the purpose of registration of the VLK platform
  • Our data is not transferred out of the United States
  • The VLK’s mission is to assist teachers to engage their students through the content to image process while watching and answering multiple choice questions.
  • Your privacy and safety in paramount to us at VLK.
  • This Policy applies to all products and services offered by Visual Learning Kids, Inc., referred to as “VLK or Visual Learning Kids,” “we,” “us," “our,”.
  • Contact Visual Learning Kids, Inc. with any questions to
  • Any further information can be found in VLK’s P
  • Further information can be found in VLK’s Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy.

Personal information is any information you provide to us that personally identifies you, like your name or email address, or any other information which we could reasonably link to your identity. We will only collect, use, and share your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy which is we don’t share your personal data. This Policy applies whether you use VLK through (the “VLK Website”) anywhere.

Who is Visual Learning Kids?

Visual Learning Kids, Inc. is an educational Website with web address Visual Learning Kids ( that allows students to watch videos either created by VLK, Inc. or those created by their instructors on our website’s Platform using a process that is Patent Pending.

Step #1: There are markers below the video. These markers represent multiple choice or open-ended questions. Viewer begins video by clicking on the START button.

Step #2: Once the viewer clicks the START button, the video plays and as the progress bar moves to the first marker, a signal written or verbal or any signal of any type asks the viewer to PAUSE the video to answer a question. In this case by clicking a glowing red button with the word, “Sure” in it. If the viewer does not click “Sure” or responds in any way to the signal asking the viewer to Pause the video, the video will continue to play until the viewer responds to the signal asking the viewer to Pause the video or in this case by clicking the glowing red “Sure” button. When the viewer does this, the video stops and the first question from the first marker will pop-up even if the viewer hadn’t stopped the video when the progress bar was far beyond other markers.

Step #3: After first clicking the “Sure,” button, a window opens up with a question for the viewer to answer.

Step #4: The viewer chooses an answer by clicking an answer choice and clicks SUBMIT.

Step #6: After the viewer clicks “Continue” on Step #5, the video will automatically rewind to the first marker and begin to play forward from that point on even though the viewer may have stopped the video on a marker beyond the first marker. The reason for this is so the viewer has to view the entire video and answer each question along the way. Client has total control of Video play and pause features.

VLK principles when processing personal information?

In collecting and processing your personal information, we will comply with the data protection laws and regulations in force at the time. This requires that the personal information we hold about you must be:

  • Used lawfully, fairly and in a transparent way.
  • Collected only for valid purposes that we have clearly explained to you and not used in a way that is incompatible with those purposes.
  • Relevant to the purposes we have told you about and limited only to those purposes.
  • Accurate and kept up to date.
  • Kept only as long as necessary for the purposes of creating a VLK account.
  • Kept securely.
Why does VLK collect personal information from its users?
  • As stated at the very start of this Privacy policy.

Consent: Client accepts are privacy and security terms upon creating a VLK account.

How will VLK notify me of changes to this policy?

If there are policy changes, we will notify through banner next to the Privacy and Security Link at the bottom of all VLK pages.

Protecting Our Students

What information does Visual Learning Kids collect from children, and how is it used?

VLK collects minimal amount of information from students necessary to create accounts on our Service: we ask students to provide an email address, a password, their first and last name and a unique code they have been given by their teacher to join a class. Responses to multiple choice questions is only viewable by the teacher and the student that completed the video.

How long does Visual Learning Kids keep children’s information?

We only keep a child’s minimal personal information for as long as his or her student account is active.

How does VLK protect and secure my information?

Your VLK account is protected by a password. You can help us protect your account from unauthorized access by keeping your password secret at all times. The security of your personal information is important to us.

Employee Access: We use best-effort practices to secure emails, passwords and any other means of gaining access to users’ data. All employees sign confidentiality agreements and pass criminal background checks.
How can I delete my account?

Your teacher can delete your account. VLK can delete your account at the end of the school year or you can delete your own account.

Student Data Control by the School

Access to the Service by the students is subject to the obtainment of a specific code provided by the teacher. The school is, at the same time, responsible for its students' personal information and in control of student academic records. As a consequence, modification or deletion of student personal information that is part of or affects student academic records is subject to the school's discretion.

How can I lodge any complaints or suggestions? Please write to