Our Team

“Arles Carballo is a retired Miami-Dade County High School Science teacher, Science Coach and Miami-Dade Schools District Science Curriculum Specialist with 35 years of successful experience in multiple Science disciplines and innovative Curriculum Development.

Mr. Carballo specializes in K-12 student Visual Learning styles and has regularly attended and conducted hundreds of Professional development sessions to showcase his Visual Learning curriculum, his Video-Visual to Content pairing and hands-on Cut-Out activity worksheets.

A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace, Mr. Carballo regularly develops internal wellness and “Coaching” campaigns to assist colleges with effective mental health techniques and effective state-of-the-art classroom instruction using his Visual Learning techniques.

Mr. Carballo is a firm believer in the power of paring visual-to-content learning styles to push struggling readers to proficiency and developing proficient readers into content masters.

Around South Florida educational circles, Mr. Carballo is best known for his decades-long slogan, “Teach our students in a way they can learn.”

Mr. Carballo enjoys a good Netflix binge but can also be found on his 6-mile daily bike rides near the Florida Everglades.”

- Arles Carballo

Founder & CEO