Visual Learning is a critical part of learning in the 21st Century

The Visual Learning Kids K-12 Curriculum is a comprehensive educational resource that uses Visual Learning content to engage and drive struggling readers to proficiency and proficient readers into content masters. Current educators have come together to create a high school biology visually hands-on, robust, yet simple curriculum, aligned to the Florida Biology Item Specifications, with proven results. The goal is to expand this curriculum to other high school content areas, elementary and Middle schools.

Visual Learning Kids Interface delivers an easy-to-use solution for the 70% of struggling readers in any given school who must be taught differently in all subject areas. A traditional curriculum composed of lectures and handouts provides only inattention, class management behavioral issues and ultimately failure.

In an era of state-wide testing, the Visual Learning Kids curriculum reduces teacher-student workload, offers excellent value and most importantly, delivers proven results, benefits and outcomes for pupils, teachers, and the whole school.

The Visual Learning Kids curriculum helps students engage with state-of-the-art result proven educational content and enhance information retention and support achievement & assessment.

“Let us teach today’s students in a way they can learn” - Arles Carballo